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Comprehensive Solutions

cutting edge technology

MUTI is dedicated to providing the communication industry with professional, quality, safe, and cost effective workmanship while meeting and/or exceeding all of our customer’s goals. MUTI maintains a leading edge position within the industry by understanding all of our customer’s needs and requests. Please view our main services provided below.

Tower Services

Tower construction

MUTI has experience with many of the tower manufacturers and has, through its staff’s support of the standards committees, developed relationships that allow it to ensure that the towers are erected in accord with the current TIA and manufacturers specifications/ standards. In addition, MUTI has worked with many of the manufacturers to enhance the design allowing for a reduction of maintenance costs.

MUTI’s crews are uniquely equipped for the install of towers that range from 10’ in height to 600’ in height.

Cell Tower Maintenance

Tower Maintenance

MUTI’s experienced staff works closely with Tower owners to identify problems in need of correction and to determine the best course of action. This partnership ensures that all requirements of ANSI/TIA, OSHA, FAA, FCC, etc. are followed and that documentation is available upon completion. Our Scope of Work (SOW) process allows owners to properly budget their maintenance dollars and cut down on unnecessary costs associated with maintenance being improperly performed.
Cell Tower Inspection

Tower Inspection

MUTI owns and operates its custom developed tower inspection program called SITE. This program is a paperless application for field inspection crews and utilizes a secure web interface for customer data reporting and interaction. This application allows clients to view and interact with data collected by our field crews in real time; 200 customizable inspection fields, full antenna mapping, hundreds of photos, coax diagram, and more.

MUTI has performed over 15,000 tower inspections throughout the United States in the past 11 years utilizing the SITE Inspection program.

Innovating Solutions

Through our SITE Inspection program

The SITE Inspection Program has been a revolutionary tool in the field of Tower Support.  Bridging the gap between field crews and clients, SITE puts the power and knowledge back into the hands of our clients, giving them real time understanding of their network’s status and health.

Projects and Installation

Microwave Services

MUTI has multiple crews and managers dedicated to the procurement and installation of complete microwave systems. We’ve worked closely with manufacturers to ensure we’re utilizing the best practices for installation.

We’ve completed projects for Aviat Networks, South Mississippi Electric, Ameren Utility Company, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, AT&T, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, CN Railroad, Union Pacific plus many more.

MUTI’s Technical Services Division brings extensive experience in this field and are certified to install & test 8T, 16T, 28T DS3, 3/4x DS3 and OC3 Microwave Systems along with 8T, 16T, 28T DS3, 3/4xDS3 and OC3,OC12, and OC48 Multiplexors.

Small Cell

MUTI Small Cell Division was formed to make an impact in the wireless industry by changing the fundamental approach to projects. The division brings a military background and style along with a fresh approach to meeting the rapidly changing needs of the industry, and the hour by hour changes of projects. The team is focused on developing innovative solutions where we can leverage our 100% turn-key ability and massive engineering and manufacturing capability.

Construction Services

Facility Services

MUTI’s Facility Services team are capable of building what you need from the ground up.

This comprehensive package include:

  • Head-end/Switch Design and Engineering
  • Head-end/Switch Repair and Maintenance
  • HVAC Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • Complete Head-end Switch Site Construction
    • New Build
    • Expansion
    • Upgrades
    • Complete DC Services
    • RF Design and installation including Fiber and equipment installation

Civil Construction

Civil construction is one of the most critical and overlooked areas of telecommunications construction. MUTI performs the majority of this work in house. Our dedicated staff bring their expertise and attention to detail to ensure that the civil work is completed with the highest levels of quality for the specific project.  Because of the wealth of civil experience on our MUTI teams, we can resolve unforeseen issues that arise on site, and maintain our client’s schedule. The deep understanding of site specific requirements and application of proper standards during installation saves our clients in future maintenance costs, getting things done right the first time.

Fully Equipped

Services Headquarters

  • 20,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space
  • 12 Acres of Outdoor, Secure Storage
  • 100,000lb Shelter Crane
  • Trucking Division
  • Shelter/Platform Storage Yard (250 units)
  • Power/Telco Service to Shelter/Platforms (10 units)
  • Entire Facility under Back-up Generator Power
  • Access Controlled Facility
  • CCTV Monitoring of Entire Space
  • Fire Protection System
  • Electronic Inventory System
  • Active Tracking of Shipments
  • 100 kW Wind Turbine Assists in Powering the Facility

Logistical Services

Warehousing/Material Management

The support that MUTI provides to clients in material/warehouse management ranges from materials for site builds and equipment for maintenance to emergency response.  We meet and exceed expectations, and have been recognized by one of the top 3 national carrier’s for receiving a 100% grade evaluation in compliance.

Emergency Services

MUTI has on call staff available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year in order to manage any and all types of emergencies and to perform disaster recovery services. MUTI can take your emergency situation and turn it into a well planned and professionally organized response to your disaster. We respond to issues as minor as a lighting concern to major power outages requiring the deployment of generators and fueling services to support the network’s needs. When towers fail during extreme events, MUTI’s TOW’s (Towers on Wheels) deployment can get you back up and running quickly. At all times, MUTI’s Emergency Support Staff works with the carrier to ensure that the response is properly managed.

Towers on Wheels Rental and deployment

MUTI offers delivery or pick-up of our TOW units from any site location throughout the U.S.  We ensure your TOW is set-up and erected properly, and perform routine inspection and maintenance of your unit while it’s onsite.  Antenna, line, and pathing services are also included.  As a bonus, client owned TOW’s are stored and maintained by our MUTI staff while not in active service.

Responding to Disaster

Day or Night

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